About the list of journalists in jail


The list of journalists in jail was prepared by the Punto 24 Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) to monitor the arrests of large numbers of journalists in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt of July 15, 2016.

The list, along with the regular Journalists in State of Emergency reports that monitor the violations of freedom of expression and press under the emergency rule, have become accessible on www.expressioninterrupted.com as of Spring 2017, when the Expression Interrupted website was launched.

The list of journalists in jail has been prepared and regularly updated on the basis of the information compiled from open sources or accessed by P24. The list includes journalists and media workers who are in pre-trial detention or serve a prison sentence upon being convicted by the courts.

The list aims to include all journalists and media workers, who are imprisoned for their journalistic activities or for exercising their freedom of expression, irrespective of their ideological differences.

But it does not include all journalists without regard to the acts that constitute the basis for criminal charges. Therefore, those who are imprisoned for reasons other than their journalistic activities are not included in the list, even though they are journalists by profession.

Similarly, media workers who do not work in the newsrooms of media institutions but are imprisoned for a journalistic activity or an activity that contributes to the existence and functioning of these institutions as a media outlet are included in the list of journalists in jail.

P24 strives to keep the list as updated as possible and welcomes your input to that effect. Contact us at punto24info@gmail.com if you have information on the list to share with us.

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