Local Silvan Mücadele newspaper owner Ferhat Parlak placed in pre-trial detention on charge of “terrorist group membership”

Journalist Ferhat Parlak, who was arrested in coordinated police raids in Silvan district of the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on April 11, was imprisoned pending trial by a court order on April 14.

Parlak, owner of the local Silvan Mücadele newspaper, was arrested along with four other people during police raids of their residences.

Parlak and four others were referred to the prosecutor in charge of the criminal investigation after four days in police custody. The prosecutor then referred Parlak and another suspect, Ercan Aşıcı, to a criminal judgeship of peace demanding their pre-trial detention, while requesting the other three suspects be released under judicial control. 

The court, in line with the prosecutor’s request, ruled to send Parlak and Aşıcı to jail pending trial and release the other three under judicial control.

In comments after the court decision, Parlak said he was being put behind bars because of his journalistic activities. “Journalism is being criminalized in the region. I do not accept this accusation. But my morale is good, despite everything,” he said.

162 journalists in prison 

Parlak’s arrest brought the number of journalists in prison in Turkey to at least 162. A detailed list can be accessed here.