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TV10 workers call for reopening of shuttered channel

TV10 workers call for reopening of shuttered channel

Former managers and workers hold their 65th demonstration in protest of the closure of the broadcaster


Managers and workers of TV10 gathered on Saturday for a 65th consecutive week in Istanbul to protest the closure of the private broadcaster by a State of Emergency decree. They also called for the release of cameraman Kemal Demir arrested earlier this month.

TV10, a private channel that primarily focuses on the culture of the Alevi community, was closed on September 2016 alongside a dozen of other TV broadcasters mostly representing Kurdish and Alevi minorities, such as IMC TV, Jiyan TV and Azadi TV. “As Alevis, the oppressed, Kurds and all the opposition we want our channels to start broadcasting again,” artist Pınar Aydınlar who joined the protest said in a statement. “TV10 is not only the voice of the Alevis, but represents all the people who are oppressed [in Turkey],” she added.